After the pub pasta                                Oct 2017

Breadcrumb and Anchovy pasta

This is probably the simplest but most delicious pasta you will ever make. Its just breadcrumbs, rosemary, olive oil, pasta and most importantly Anchovy a whole little tin. 

I love it for lunch on Saturday; it has quite strong flavours but my god its Moreish. And its sort of addictive, I find myself wanting to cook it and eat it two or three time a week.

The best time to cook this pasta and it really works brilliantly is after you have been out to the pub or bar and get back ravenous for something quick, you don’t want to skimp on flavours or cook anything to complicated, this Pasta hits the spot.

For wine to accompany this recipe have a look at Jason’s recommendations.

For four or five people you will need.

  •     500g of spaghetti or other long pasta.
  •     150ml of Extra-virgin olive oil the best you have.
  •     4 to 8 anchovies in oil, I just use the whole small tin.
  •     100g breadcrumbs, make your own from day old bread.
  •     2 fat cloves of garlic chopped
  •     3 tablespoons of rosemary chopped
  •     Black pepper ground.

How to make it.

Bring a large pan of water to the boil, add some salt then add the spaghetti.

In a large frying pan warm the oil and add the chopped anchovies garlic and the rosemary cook untill the anchovies start to dessolve,  then add the breadcrumbs.

Cook the crumbs untill they go golden, slightly crisp and have absorbed the oil. 

remove from the heat and keep warm untill the pasta is ready.

Mix the pasta and crumbs in the pan with a few twists of the pepper mill and serve and enjoy.

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Jason’s Wine recommendations

After the pub pasta another dish like the Carbonara with the same type of wine…

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Let’s go for another Sangiovese but keep it cheap-ish as this after the pub food. A Rosso di Montalcino, a larger Tuscan wine area to the far South of Chianti. It is considered the younger cheaper brother of the famous Brunello di Montalcino. It sees less oak and is less tannic making it lighter and fruitier and drinks well upon release.

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Hope you enjoy it.