Bresaola, thin sliced cured beef

Bresaola salad

This has to be one of the easiest and most delicious starters ever invented enjoy it with a hunk of bread and a glass of wine. Bresaola can be enjoyed before almost any meal except maybe beef , do not let it become dry or it will become bitter.

For four people

  •     150g best quality bresaola
  •     A hand full of Rocket
  •     250g parmesan cheese
  •     A drizzle of Extra virgin olive oil
  •      Freshly ground black pepper
  •      Pine nuts
  •     Lemon 

How to make:

Scatter a small handful of Arugula / rocket over each plate

Place the finely sliced Bresaola over the rocket. 

 Scatter the cheese over the top of the Bresaola, you should slice the cheese using a potato peeler to get long thin shards of parmesan.

Scatter the pine nuts and a little more rocket over the plate

Drizzle some oil over the top with a squeeze of lemon and a grind of pepper, serve and enjoy.

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Award winning olive oil

A few weeks ago I was sent some Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil from Tuscany, and OMG what a Great Olive Oil.

It is a completely different taste experience from the supermarket oil I normally buy. It has a wonderful  herby aroma, Artichoke and cut grass with a slight sweet after taste. 

I would not suggest you use it for everyday cooking (it’s too good for that) but for dressings and drizzles it will add depth and weight to a dish something 99% of own brand oil cannot hope to achieve.

Its not cheap but you don’t need to use a lot so it will go along way. The producers have asked me if  I would like to recommend it on the blog and I said yes.

It costs about £20 per bottle plus delivery but it’s worth it. They sell it in 4 bottle lots, it’s better value to buy four bottles as the postage is cheaper but you can always get together with a friend and divide the bottles up.

If you want to order some go to the producers website they will be happy to send you the Award winning oil.


ELLEIVÆ Biologico Extra Virgin Olive Oil received GOLD award in 2018 New York International Oil Competition 

Well done!

Why not try it yourself?