Fried Zucchini Flowers                             June 2017

Fiori di zucchini fritti

I have never seen Zucchini flowers for sale in the UK ( I have now in a Grocers in Wimbledon) not in a grocers or a supermarket I have no idea why except they are extremely perishable. But we have a great reputation as gardeners, and if you grow a couple of Zucchini plants you will be able to get the flowers without any problem. In this recipe they are fried in a light batter and are simply delectable.

For four to six people

14 Zucchini Flowers

Vegetable oil, 18 to 20mm deep in the frying pan

Or a Deep Fat fryer

A flour and water batter

Sea salt 

How to make:

First make the batter. Put 250ml of water in a bowl and sift in 80g of plain flour. Make sure you beat the water all the time you are adding the flour so you don’t get any lumps the finished batter should have the consistency of double cream

Pick through the flowers to make sure the contain no grit or insects

Heat the oil over a high heat and when it is hot take your first flower dip it into the batter and slip it into the oil, you will be able to fit 3 or 4 flowers into the pan

Once golden turn them over cook the other side then take them out to drain on kitchen paper

As soon as they are all cooked sprinkle with salt and serve. They should be hot.

This is wonderful with anything, or on its own as a Antipasti, I will also show you how to cook them stuffed in a tomato sauce which make a fantastic first course.

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